Friday, January 21, 2011

Our fun Saturday

Last weekend, Chad had three days off in a row. YAY! So we decided to spend the day out with the kids. Our plans were to drive to Shell Beach, see the Monarch Butterflies, picnic on the beach, then back to Avila to see the aquarium. Wonderful day!

The Monarch Butterflies travel to Shell Beach every year. It's the largest area of California that they flock to. So beautiful.

After seeing the butterflies, there is a path down to the beach. 

We had a picnic lunch, then packed up and walked the boys down to the beach.

The boys ended up completly soaked at the beach. Our intentions were to just let them walk in the sand. Yea right, try holding my little boys back from the water. Within 10 minutes they were both soaked and having a BLAST. Thank goodness I thought to bring a totally change of clothes for both boys. It was low tide so there was tons of beach with 1/2 an inch of water for the boys to splash around. We had so much fun playing with them.

After everyone was cleaned up and back in the car, we headed to Avila to see the aquarium. It's alot smaller than I thought it was but the boys still had fun looking at the fish.