Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sea World

Alright, lets get back on track. I think there is some law that you can't come back from vacation without showing pictures, so like it or not here are some of my favorites. The trip was exhausting but so much fun.

Our first stop was my sisters house in Moorpark on the way to San Diego. The boys had a great time hanging out with their cousins. I wish we could do it more.

The next morning, we got up early and headed straight for Sea World. Keegan has recently become obsessed with the ocean and all the creatures in it. To help him get excited and show him where we were going, we showed him youtube videos of Shamu for a few weeks before we left. By the time we got there, all he wanted to do was bounce from sea creature to sea creature. Loudly announcing to whomever was listening that we were going to see SHAMU.

Keegan and Reece "hugging Shamu"

Next stop was three days at Disneyland. Stay tuned for more pics!