Friday, August 7, 2009

First Laughs!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Potty Training

We decided to give it a try. Keegan has showed some interest a few times so we thought why not. If it doesn't work, we'll just try again later. Thus begins "naked weekend". He ran around naked all day yesterday. We caught him poo'ing on the rug and rushed him over to the potty. He finished his business in there. YEAH FOR POO POO in the POTTY.

He didn't pee at all in the morning (mental note give this kid more to drink) So off to bed he went with a pull up. When he woke up, the pull up was dry. So we sat him on the potty and didn't get anything. A few minutes later he REALLY wanted to go outside. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... The a few minutes after that we hear the sound of pee'ing on the carpet. We rush him over to the potty and he finished in the potty!!

Today is our second day. And as I was typing this, I hear Chad yell "UH-OH!" I rush over to Keegan and run him to the potty. Again he finished pee'ing in the potty!! Now we just need to get him to go to the potty BEFORE he starts pee'ing. ;)

Fair Time!!

Recap of last year: Keegan didn't want to touch or go near any of the animals. We tried to get him to ride a pony and get got upset. And he wouldn't go anywhere near any of the rides.


We took him to all the animals. He would go up making the noise the animals makes, and he would pet them on the head. So cute.

He rode the pony! He went up and got a ticket, and got right in line, all by himself. Then he laughed and giggled the whole time.

Then we took him over to the rides. I only bought a few tickets so that we didn't waste the money on an unlimited wristband. We didn't know if he would even want to go on any rides. Boy were we wrong!! There was only one ride that he was tall enough to go on by himself, but he loved it!