Sunday, January 9, 2011

The holiday season

This year was the first year Keegan really understood what Christmas was about. Santa, fun family activities, presents, christmas trees and christmas movies.

Pole Train (AKA Polar Express) remains the favorite movie. He is always asking to watch it and knows most of the words to it.

Having a child who gets so excited about the holidays truly makes it even better for the parents. We had such a wonderful time watching Christmas through his prespective. I cannot wait until next year.

Helping Daddy cut down the tree

He wanted you to see how huge his tree was!

He even wrapped his present to Daddy all by himself. I swear all I did was hand him tape!

We made footsteps in baby powder from the fireplace to the mound of presents. The green ones are from Santa!

When Keegan woke up and saw the footprints he was speechless.

The boys opening their stockings

I didn't get to take many pictures of them opening presents. I was having way too much fun just watching them enjoy themselves.

One of my favorite Christmas decorations, our front door. I had already taken the wreath down by the time I remember to take pics of the outside though.

We had such a wonderful time from begining to end. How many days til Christmas '11?!?!