Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our new addition

So 3:45 am, I feel a pop and a little wetness, I jump/roll out of bed and yell "Oh crap" and then a BIG gush of water all over the floor. DH thought I was falling out of bed and went from dead sleep to leaping across the bed to try and catch me. I tell him my water broke and he says "Are you sure?" As soon as he sees the floor he says "yup!"

So DH gets on the phone to have his parents come watch Keegan, and I jump in the shower. As soon as DH is done calling "the list" we start packing our bag. We didn't have anything ready yet, and ended up forgetting a bunch of stuff. LOL

We get to the hospital about 4:30. We get set up in a temporary room since all three of the birthing rooms are full. Nurse tells us it's been crazy and it is a full moon. I am only 2 cm dilated and still not having contractions. My water seems to break 3-4 more times (how much stuff is in there?!?) and we get moved to a bigger labor/birthing room.

So we sit around waiting for something more to happen, and reading the baby name book. At 9am still no contractions so they start me on Pitocin. Nurse checks me again so she can guage how the Pitocin is working and she can't feel his head. So she goes and gets an u/s machine. From what she can tell, the head is up under my ribs but she isn't perfectly sure (my placenta is on the front of my uterus). She calls my doctor and she comes to double check. Yup, he's totally breech. If he was tilted at all, she was going to try and turn him but he is perfectly up and down and totally content.

So they start prepping me for a C-Section (cue my freaking out). Doctor tells me that all of the regular OR's are already booked for the day so she will check on the OB OR. A mom giving birth to twins is just being wheeled in. They always deliver twins in the OR since things can change so rapidly with them. So as soon as the twins are delivered, it's my turn.

12 noon, mom with twins starts pushing. 2:30 still no twins at all. (this poor woman!) Around 3 the first twin is born. Then it's another hour and a half before the next twin is born. Nurse tells me that the longest she's seen it take to clean the OR is 45 minutes so we should be going in soon.

By the time the OR is clean, my OB is delivering another baby. So around 7pm they come and tell me it's my turn. (cue next big freak out) The anestheiologist comes and checks my spine since I had such a hard time with the epidural with Keegan. He says he sees why but is pretty sure that he will be able to do the spinal.

I walk into the OR and they lay me down on the table. The anesthiologist tries 10 times to get the spinal in and it won't work. So I have to go under general (cue third big freak out) I ask if DH can come in and kiss me and they said they're not supposed to let anyone in at this point but they do it anyway. So I feel them strapping me to the table and I can remember not really being able to breath, and just wanting to be asleep already. And that I HATE being so flat on my back like this.

Next thing I remember is waking up in a different room and a different bed. Just me and two nurses. I look at the clock and it's almost 11pm. Holy crap I was out for a long time. I had this big urge to turn on my side, so I ask the nurses to help me. I'm not sure if it's because I had been in one position for so long or if it was a lingering thought from before I went under. I have never ever be so freaking tired in my whole life, but I fight to wake myself up so I can see DH and the baby. Chad comes in and tells me he's perfect and they're just wrapping him up and he'll bring him in. My mom comes and hugs me and tells me he looks just like Keegan. I can feel my incision burning.

They bring him in and I ask DH if he named him yet. He said "Um, no. Why would I do that?" DH asks me what name I like, and I tell him the one we found this morning (yup at 5 am this morning in the baby name book, I ask DH if he likes Reece)

So everyone heads off to the room that will be my home for the next few days. I actually get some sleep. Reece doesn't wake up until 6 am. I even ask the nurse to check on him when she comes in to check on me LOL

The morphine knocks my ass out and I take constant naps all Saturday. I finally am forced to get out of bed Saturday night. I have been DREADING this. I get up and it hurts, but not as bad as I thought it would.

We brought Reece Edwin home Tuesday.

He was born at 8:21 pm. 7 lbs 20 inches.