Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Musings

Seems we've been pretty busy lately. No big outings or adventures. It is nice to relax after the busy holidays and the ending of the high school football season. We only get a few short 4 months off before it starts up again.

The boys are keeping us busy. And also keeping themselves busy, even if it is playing with the camera they're not supposed to have.

We also started geocaching with my new Christmas present (a GPS) We have found one, went looking for two more but didn't find them. It's high tech treasure hunting!

Do you see the small little round silver cylinder? That's the treasure! This one just had a small log book hidden in a film canister.

We signed the book and returned it to it's "hiding place". I look forward to doing alot more of these. They're alot of fun! If you're interested, there is a website http://www.geocaching.com/ that keeps track of all the geocaching treasures. We live in a small town and we have over 150 here!