Thursday, February 24, 2011

The JUMBO ball and a bonus picture

While we were shopping around for Christmas presents in December, we came across these huge inflatable balls. They are big enough for the kids to ride in. They looked like so much fun!  But we couldn't find one we liked at a price we liked. Then, thanks to a friend, I discovered they were at Costco for a great price! The boys have had a great time. The ball is definitely jumbo. We blew it up as soon as I got it home. We rolled the boys around the living room. But when it came time to move the ball outside, we had a dilema. It was too big to even go through our sliding glass door. Thankfully we have double front doors. So out the door, around the house, and over the fence it went. The boys are having a blast!

The only bad part it Reece is so small, he keeps getting "pooped" out the hole when we roll him around!

And here is your bonus picture!