Saturday, July 2, 2011


Finally the Disneyland pictures. We had so much fun. Not just fun ourselves, but even more fun sharing it with the boys. We even didn't mind going on It's a Small World four times. It would have been closer to 10 times if we went every time Keegan asked to. And their face while going through the ride was priceless..

 The whole trip was totally worth just that one moment when Keegan first saw Mickey Mouse. He started jumping and just shaking with excitment. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has since become his favorite show.

 Gee you can't tell my boys are related at all can ya?


Precious Moments said...

What the EFF??? I know you have more pictures than this!! Where are they!?? :)

Jennifer said...

LOL You know there are tons of them on my facebook page!