Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some random musings

I am so much enjoying these boys. Just a smile, laugh or kiss brightens my day and makes me smile. So I thought I would share some of my favorite recent moments.

This chair was meant to be Keegan's. But his brother Reece seems to be getting more use out of it. Boy is he proud of himself when he gets in there all by himself.

Yet, another thing that is meant to be Keegan's but Reece gets into alot. And also just as proud of himself when he gets on it all by himself. He's even pushed himself around a little.

Does no one in this house use their own stuff?! ;) Keegan wearing Daddy's hat to work in the sandbox.

Can't find Reece anywhere?! Look in his favorite hiding spot. Because of how our living room is arranged, one of the couches is partly in front of a very large bookshelf. Creating the perfect getaway.

That there is a whoopie pie cookie stuck to my sons nose.

Finally! Someone is using something that belongs to them. Keegan's new bike helmet. His new bike is due to arrive tomorrow! I can't wait!!