Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Backyard Camping

To celebrate Memorial Weekend, we decided we wanted to go camping.  However, we didn't want to deal with crowds and chasing two kids around in them. So we opted to campout in our backyard! Perfect solution, well was perfect until the over zealous golf course sprinklers came on. Good thing we put the rain cover on! So we pitched our huge tent in the backyard, inflated our air mattresses, the slip and slide and our pool. We set up the pack n play in the tent and a mini weber grill to be our bonfire pit. All the fun of camping plus all the comforts of home just a few steps away. The boys had a great time.

                                                      We let Reece loose on the Jell-O

Reece's first campfire. Notice our impressive use of our space saver high chair

Keegan roasting his first marshmallow

And trying to eat it all in one bite.


Anonymous said...

Oh man....We LOVE campfires, and Randy and I love S'mores. Wyatt, however, refuses to eat marshmellows. He will burn them though. Imagine that.