Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Thanks to the Disney  "Give a Day, Get a Day" promotion, for a few hours of our time, Chad and I were able to get free Disneyland tickets. Of course, we were so excited. Both of us haven't been in such a long time, and what better way to experience Disneyland than with your kids for the first time. Don't get me wrong, we had some reservations about taking a 1 year old and a 3 and a half year old on a day long treck through the happiest place on earth. We were worried about Reece getting too tired, Keegan now wanting to wait in lines, and being upset when we had to get off rides. But, we were very pleasantly surprised. Keegan and Reece both behaved wonderfully. Keegan walked the entire day. He got upset waiting in line once at the begining of the day but was a joy the rest of the time, even though he got no nap.  One of the best days we've had as parents.

Reece all ready to go in his big boy car seat!

You have to get a picture in front of the castle!

Both boys really enjoyed the submarine ride

Reece on the carousel

Keegan on the carousel
Surprisingly Keegan LOVED the teacups. Mommy on the other hand got a little sick to her stomach just trying to film them.


Kelli said...

Fun! We're excited to go this year, too.

What was your volunteer job?

Jennifer said...

We had to set up and clean up after a vintage sidecar show. It was kinda neat. And since there really wasn't anything going on that they needed us for during the show, we got to go home and come back. I'm excited for you guys to go too! When are you going again?