Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today's swim lesson was COLD! There was quite a breeze.

The pool has a "toddler platform." It's made out of PVC pipe and has a bar across the middle. It's made so the toddlers can stand on their own while submerged in the water.

Today, Keegan figured out that if he stayed in the water, it was much warmer. So he was constantly climbing down the pole of the toddler platform and just floating there, holding on for dear life, feet a dangling in the deep water. LOL

And there was no playing in the water after class was over. We promptly came home and jumped in a hot shower. This is where Keegan learned another valuable lesson of the day. Don't look directly into the showerhead. He didn't learn the first time, but I'd say by maybe the 20th time he had that down pat ;)

Hopefully it will be warmer tommorrow. And later this week, I'll post pics of our swimming lessons.